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Free 10-Week Parenting Class for Raising Well-Behaved Kids & Teens When it comes to dealing with difficult teens and kids, it seems that finding help with parenting skills is a costly prospect. At PPI, we don't believe it should take a lot of money to discover the proven techniques for raising well-behaved teens. Are you looking to gain parenting skills to prevent your kids from going in an undesirable direction? Are you fighting battles with unwanted behavior such as: Constant arguing Disrespectfulness, rebelliousness, or aggressiveness Poor school performance Sexual activity (or risk of becoming sexually active) Drug use (or risk of drug use) Gang involvement (or risk of gang involvement)? You can put an end to your stressful family life, and lay a firm and lasting foundation for raising well-behaved kids during one weekend conference or a 10-week class. The Proactive Parenting Initiative uses the Parent Project's® "Changing Destructive Adolescent Behavior" curriculum in a 10-week or weekend-conference format. This is an interactive class focused on educating, motivating, equipping, and inspiring parents so they can produce productive, responsible, and respectful young adults. You'll find help with parenting skills, including: 1. Understanding your children 2. Addressing problematic behaviors 3. A formula for success 4. Addressing adolescent drug use 5. Dealing with out-of-control or difficult teens & kids 6. Developing a personal action plan 7. Finding support help with parenting 8. Discovering the dynamics of change 9. Listening actively 10. Promoting family unity & raising well-behaved kids As you learn and start to apply these techniques in your daily family life, you'll notice the proven practices beginning to change unwanted behaviors being exhibited by your strong-willed kids. What's more, a new sense of family harmony and unity become more apparent and your parent/child relationship starts down a path to recovery. Ready to change your family for the better? Need more information? Contact us today for assistance.
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